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B.C. is a big, wild place. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t vulnerable. The WTA works hard to help keep B.C. wild. Read the stories below to find out about some of our efforts.

Saving the Mountain Caribou will take more than money. - By Andrew Findlay

Mountain caribou are one of the most exhaustively researched and studied mammals in British Columbia, yet few of us will ever see one - except, that is, on the back of the Canadian quarter.

The Crumbling Foundation Imagine the British Columbia coastline without wild salmon. - By Andrew Findlay

A sesame seed-sized parasite is messing with B.C.'s coastal ecosystem and there is something you can do about it.

Tips for picking a truly eco-friendly trip With the craze to be “green”, many companies are labeling their products as eco-tours. Some of them are just plain deceiving the public. As consumers who want to do the right thing, what are the questions we should ask when picking an eco-tourism trip?

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